Welcome to the Program!

Welcome to the Fix Your Low Back Pain Program!

Having personally experienced low back pain, I understand how scary and frustrating low back pain can be! However, please do not give up hope! I promise that if you stay with the program and keep an open mind, you will improve! This program is a learning journey. You will learn through movement, education, and mindfulness. Some of the pain science education will likely be NEW to you. This information is based off the newest available research in the field, and much of this information is NOT mainstream so it may sound alarming! Keep an open mind, and always reach out to me or The Pain Free Project community with your questions!

While going through the program, I encourage you to always listen to your body. Intuitively you know what is best for your body at the present time. I attempt to progress the exercises and other videos at an appropriate pace, but each person's pain journey is unique. When in doubt, take a deep breath and listen to the dialogue between your body and brain!

-Dr. Jim Heafner PT, DPT, OCS

How to Complete the Program

This program will guide you through 4 seperate phases of exercises, soft tissue self massage, and educational videos to help you get out of pain and back to your normal daily life!

In general, we recommend performing each phase for 1 week. That means the entire program will take 4 weeks to complete. Within each phase, you will perform the exercise and soft tissue videos everyday! This timeframe gives you ample time to improve you symptoms, get stronger, and learn about preventing future injury!

How to Complete Each Phase

It is The Pain Free Projects recommendation to follow each section in a step by step fashion throughout each phase. During each section, you will notice that the soft tissue self massage videos are before the exercise videos. It is our hope that the self massage videos will calm down your symptoms and prepare you for the exercises. Each day following, continue to perform the soft tissue videos prior to the exercise videos! As the schedule shows, complete Phase 1 soft tissue and exercise videos everyday for 1 week, then progress to Phase 2!

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