Soft Tissue Self Massage Videos

Purpose of the Soft Tissue Work

There is no 'magic' in the soft tissue tools or movements. In fact, research shows that these exercises do NOT actually lengthen the fascia and other soft tissue. The fascia is much too strong and dense to deform. Instead, these movements decrease the sensitivity of the nervous system and allow for temporary increases in flexibility. They are intended to alter your perception of pain or stiffness. By providing a significant input to the muscles and fascia, we are providing new stimuli to that region of the body. New input offers an opportunity to learn and an opportunity for change. For this reason, we use the soft tissue to 'calm down your symptoms,' then the exercises to 'reprogram' how movement feels!

What to Expect

  • A strong, but comfortable sensation
  • The sensation should gradually feel better or less as you perform various movements

What to Avoid/ Not Expect

  • Radiating pain or pain that travels away from the point of pressure
  • Sharp pain that limits your ability to move an increases your fear of movement
  • A sensation that increases your pain and does not subside

Great job completing the soft tissue videos!

Hopefully you are feeling good and ready to perform the exercise videos! In Phase 1, start slow as your body gets used to these movements. When you are ready, proceed to the exercises!

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